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Ni Ten Ryu




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    • Open To all 6 years and over, the club runs from 6:15pm till 7:15pm every Wednesday evening. No need to book, just turn up.
    • We are happy to teach adults only sessions, please pop along and enquire or use our contact info.



    • Please inform the instructor at the start of the session if you have any medical conditions that may affect you during training (for example, asthma, bad back, recent fractures or strains or even headaches).

      The instructor needs to know this at the start of the session in order to ensure you are not encouraged to perform any exercise or technique that may aggravate your condition or be unsafe for you or those around you (for example during the use of weapons).
    • High levels of fitness are not necessary to train with the club but regular attendance may result in improved flexibility, strength and aerobic stamina.


    • No special clothing is required although loose fitting trousers/shorts are recommended.
    • Outfits (Gi Trousers and Top) can be purchased through the club if desired but are not mandatory.
    • Training normally takes place in bare feet.