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As in all forms of combat, an important part of Ni Ten Ryu is an understanding of strategy. This is something that develops over a long period, much of it instinctual. It is only as a student becomes more experienced that they become aware of what they had previously been doing unconsciously, such as dominating the field of combat for example.

Musashi writes of the things one should consider both before and during a combat. In The Fire Book he discusses such things as choosing the most advantageous site for the combat, whether to attack first or wait and being aware of the prevailing conditions.

Throughout his writings in Go Rin No Sho, Musashi maintains that his principles can be applied as well to large forces as to individuals.

In Ni Ten Ryu, students are taught to be aware of their surroundings at all times, to "read" those around them and thereby avoid conflict, or at least be prepared for it.